Welcome to Celestial Space where we invite you to connect through our beautiful holistic offerings for the mind, body and soul

Find your inner peace & balance through conscious connective holistic therapies, yoga, meditation, crystal healing, reiki, ayurvedic massage, kirtan, mantra, sound healing, conscious connected breathwork

Megan’s chosen life experiences have led her to where she is now, finding her soul’s purpose.

Her spiritual path and her conscious awakening to source energy through her own self healing journey has led her to truly deepen her energetic connection and knowledge within Ayurvedic Massage, Meditation, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Yoga, Yin Yoga, Childrens Yoga, Cacao ceremony, Kirtan, Sound healing and Conscious Connective Breathwork

Training in Beauty Therapy 30 years ago Megan is still as passionate now at what she does. Holding space within a safe, comfortable non judgemental space, within a professional environment.

“I have always loved expansion which over the years and still to this day I continue to learn, diving deeper into the true core of my soul’s purpose”

“My spiritual path and my connection to source has led me to professional trainings that have felt completely aligned with my soul continuing to follow my intuition with everything in life”

Through all the offerings at the studio Megan holds space with love, pure intention and a heart full of gratitude. Her dharma is supporting Women and our Young Women of the world to be sovereign of their souls.

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