Young Women’s Circles

Young Women’s Circles

£25 each per session

Our sacred circles are where we create a beautiful energetic space for our young women of the world to honour themselves and each other within circle. We welcome each other, learn powerful moon rituals, practice self care and provide a safe space for young girls to be and feel valid.

We flow through yoga, meditation, mantra, drumming, creativity and talk about anything that we want to talk about as a group that creates positivity and enlightenment as a group in a sharing circle at the start and end of the session
Delivered with love and kindness.

These sessions are soul nourishing sessions and extremely beneficial held monthly for all our young women, tweens and teens, the feedback that we receive from mums in how it supports their daughters is just heart warming.

There will be a monthly theme of connecting in with moon cycles, crystals and much more.

Please keep up to date on our social media pages or contact us directly.

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