In our welcoming weekly hatha yoga sessions at the studio we connect and unite through mantra, pranayama, breathwork, relaxation, mediation and sound healing entwined with spiritual yogic teachings.

Each session is suitable for beginners with safe instruction and alternative options.

Yoga is about you, your body, self connection, self discovery and time to empty the mind.

Holding space in a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental space with the upmost respect where young women and children feel comfortable to de stress and connect is deep within Megan’s core have led her to teach weekly children’s yoga too with her daughter.

You have helped my daughter so much with her recovery.

The sessions are amazing, it has helped me look at everything differently and has changed my mindset

We know she is safe and she feels safe.

…are just a few positive feedback comments that we have received to know what we are doing is supporting the health and wellbeing of children.

TWEENS TEENS YOGA: £10 Every Monday 6PM till 7:15PM – Direct message to book

ADULTS HATHA YOGA: £12 Every Tuesday 10AM till 11:30AM – Direct message to book


We also hold monthly “energy flow yoga, alchemy sound with individual reiki” sessions, day retreats and much more which can be found on our social media platforms and booked through the link below

You can book a yoga session here: